Nestled in Lorinna - one of the most pristine areas of farmland in the world - we grow an organic bounty. Our small farm is located in the upper Forth River valley within an off-grid community isolated from the influence of conventional agriculture. Here our family works tirelessly to grow honest food. Besides producing a wide variety of organic fruit and vegetables, we graze alpacas, chooks and two friendly horses.

Local, Organic

Family Farm...

Seven Spring Farm

We are a family of five: Wouter, Elyse, Arend, Gita and Rohan 

Wouter's passion for many years has been growing vegetables and living sustainably. He started 'deDoederij', one of Belgium's first  CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farms, in 2010 and passed it on in 2013 when our family moved back to Australia. Elyse was born in Lorinna and sustainability has always been embedded in her way of life.

Our Produce

With a strong grounding in renewable, organic practices and a long standing family tradition of growing vegetables, our market garden provides organic produce. This is available weekly at the Launceston Harvest Market, via our Community Supported Agriculture program, through our webstore and in select shops and restaurants statewide. We deliver to pickup points statewide once a week. Pre ordering is also possible for collection at Launceston Harvest Market. Would you like to organise a pickup point near you? Talk to us about what is possible!

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Green Leaves
cone cabbage
growing vege
turned compost
open pollinated broccoli
ready to plant
rye for seed stock
chives for seed
Leek selection for seed

We grow up to 70 different crops and only use heirloom and open-pollinated varieties to ensure high quality produce with great flavour. Our seedlings, potting mixes, solar and micro-hydro electricity are all produced on farm. We also save seed and propagate our own vegetable varieties, with particular pride in Wouter's Belgian cauliflower and leek.

We aim to use as little packaging as possible. When we must, we choose biodegradable materials and take it as our responsibility to care for the environment.

At our nearby pickup points we use returnable boxes.


In addition to growing vegetables and fruit we run fibre animals for organic fleece and to ensure a healthy fertility balance on our land.

All the produce we supply is grown on our farm: this way consumers are 100% sure where and from whom their food comes from, and who they are supporting.

Find US

 We are at the Harvest Market in Launceston every Saturday and would love to see you there for a chat.

Farmers Market


We are proud to offer our 'single-farm-CSA' .

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is an alternative economic model of agriculture and food distribution. We already sell direct to the consumer, but this takes it an extra step in the direction of a solidarity economy. CSA members, or subscribers, pay at the beginning of the growing season for a share of the anticipated harvest. This allows us to concentrate on farming and looking after our family.
It works like this: customers select a veggie box “share” of a preferred size(s), and pay for it, either partially or in full, upfront. We then deliver this share weekly or bi-weekly to the nominated pickup point. We offer customers the option of selecting produce preferences and send a weekly share content list, which can be reviewed and changed. To oversee and manage all this we use an online program.


If there is any one way to best support a farming family, it is to purchase a CSA share. By committing yourself to a share, you are better supporting our farming practices by freeing us from having to devote so much time to marketing our produce, and giving us the financial confidence to regularly make better farming decisions. We would like to foster a deeper connection with our customers and we believe that this would promote that.

We presently have pickup points in:

  • Sheffield: At the fruit and veg shop, Tuesday 10am - 5pm

  • Devonport: At Help Yourself Wholefoods, Tuesday 12pm - 5pm

  • Penguin: At the Reseed Centre, Tuesday 12.30pm - 7.30pm

  • Burnie: At @skoop, Tuesday 12pm - 5.30pm

  • Newtown: At Newtown greengrocer cafe, Wednesday 12pm - 5pm

  • Launceston: At the Harvest Market, Saturday 8.30am - 12.30pm

  • Deloraine: At a residential address, Saturday 8am - 12pm

  • Lorinna: At Lorinna Larder community food co-op, Saturday 1pm - 3pm

We would love to hear from you if you would like to start another pickup point statewide

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We are also open for orders from restaurants and other wholesale customers. Use our website contact form for initial contact and we'll email you back ASAP.


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